State Level Competition -  June 19 - 20, 2021
Immaculate Conception School Gym
537 Avenue D, Marrero, LA 70072
"Deadline for this Competition is May 15, 2021
Louisiana Kids Scholarship Candidate Eligibility And Qualifications

Show performances applicant participates in shows through out the year .
Community Service performed , both through Louisiana Kids, Inc. and on your own.
Must have participated in State Finals prior year.
High School GPA - Composite ACT or SAT Score .
Letter of recommendation from an educator.
400 to 500 Word Essay - Where do you plan to work and live after graduation, how has the Louisiana Kids
Inc. program impacted your life.  
Extracurricular Activities & Interests.  
Volunteer Service.
Honors and Achievements.
Employment Record, Include Summer, Part, & Full-Time Employment
A letter of acceptance from the College or University of your choice.  
"An accredited two or four year college program"
"Technical College or Trade School"

Scholarships will be awarded to you in your second semester of your sophomore year of a accredited
college, community college and or trade school.
(If second semester of sophomore year is not reached within 48 months from the date being awarded, the
funds will be re-awarded to a following years recipient)
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