SHOW PERFORMANCE TIME - Time Limit Notice All Entertainers : Please note
the 3:15 sec time limit. We would like all entertainers to keep their performance
tracks no more than 3 minutes 15 seconds, If your track is longer than 3:15 you
will not be allowed to sing it. Too many performers are using Four and Five
minute performance tracks. This is causing Louisiana Kids performance time to
cross over into the next venue time performance or go over our half hour / one
hour performance time slots.
Please click on this link to review our NEW 2008 Show Performance
Rules and some of your options to help assist you.
2008 Performance Track Rules

FLIP FLOPS: This issue has been an ongoing issue with our Entertainers and we
must bring it to an end immediately. Now, we will be more specific in regards to
flip flops since they are now made with many sequins / rhinestones attached to
them. The rule now stands if it has a HEEL and is decorated in
sequins/rhinestones it will be permitted. Flip Flops with NO HEELS and
decorated with sequins/rhinestones will NOT BE PERMITTED OR CONSIDERED
as proper performance attire. Flashy with a HEEL is a YES and Flashy without a
HEEL is a NO ! A heel is considered the built up portion of a shoe or boot to
support the heel and should only be found in the back of the flip flop and not
carried over to the front as a raised platform flip flop. If you are still uncertain,
bring extra shoes with you as not to be turned away from your performance

Much Thanks,

Louisiana Kids, Inc. State Directors,
Mike Hymel / Ted Bergeron
On behalf of the Louisiana Kids, Inc. Executive
Board, Directors, Staff, Members, and Families.

We would like to express our deepest
Condolences to the Families and Friends of
those who lost love ones in the tragic “Ride The
Duck’s” accident this past week.  For the past
20 years this would have been our week to be
in Beautiful Branson, MO.  Many of our families
have multiple times enjoyed the Duck Rides.  
We have made many friends in the
entertainment industry and all the performers
are like family and support each other and their
community.  We pray that God Blesses every
family involved and brings peace to the good
folks of Branson, MO.

God Bless,
Chris Breaux – President
Louisiana Kids, Inc.